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Be Authentically You

In today's society the common thread is conformity. Many have found that there is great gain in conformity not completely understanding that the world awaits the treasure of you. When a collector sets out to find a treasure he or she does not look or seek the painting that everyone has access to, no he or she seeks the AUTHENTIC ONE OF A KIND MASTER PIECE! The value is not in the painting. The value is in the fact that it is RARE, ONE OF A KIND and UNQUIE. Many have duplicated priceless creations; however to the trained eye it stands out as a copy. Just like in the days of old when you wanted to duplicate something you would place carbon paper between two sheets of paper and write and the copy would appear on the second page. Yes it copied the work however the copy was only valuable to you because it was not acceptable to use as the original when or considered authentic, it was just a copy. On today, endeavor to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU NOT A CARBON COPY!

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