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The Winds of Change


The seasons have changed and we can recognize for the most part that winter is here. In recognition of winter, some will pull out the thick winter coat, gloves, scarf and hat to protect themselves against the force of winter’s call. Sometimes the fridge winds along with the frozen icey mixture that falls from the sky, make conditions difficult when driving or walking on some surfaces. This is a snapshot of life. Many time the winds of winter begins #success to blow in our lives and we quickly recognize that we are NOT properly dressed. Although we have the proper attire, we left home uncovered. May I suggest to you that you watch the seasons and PREPARE YOUR ATTIRE PROPERLY! The abuse from the brutal cold and the burns from the severe heat can be minimized with PREPARATION. I said this only to make a simple point… IF YOU FAIL TO PREPARE ,YOU WILL PREPARE TO FAIL! Take some time to map out your course of success and let it begin with Self Development and finding your inner peace. That Peace will be your fuel for success. I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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